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Crossed the White Line at a Red Light Camera Intersection and Stopped

Today, my wife had stopped at a red light in a left turn lane along with a number of other cars that were ahead of her at a red light camera intersection. The light turned green and the cars ahead were all turning left. By the time she had approached the white line of the crosswalk to turn left behind the other cars, the light had already turned yellow and she decided to simply stop rather than continue. But by the time she had fully stopped, she had gone past the white line and had entered into the crosswalk with her tires and the light had turned red.

It is hard to determine from recall whether 1. she had already crossed the white line and after that the light turned red and–still in motion–she finally stopped in the middle of the crosswalk or 2. the light turned red before she had crossed the white line and she proceeded to cross the white line with the light being red and she stopped in the middle of the crosswalk, of course, just past that white line. At any rate, we shall see whether or not a ticket will arrive in the mail for that. My wife does not believe that a ticket will show up in the mail. As for me, I don’t know what will happen because I have heard such crazy stories about these things. I suppose time will tell.
Lastly, I suppose the key issue is how a ticket is generated in this situation: whether a ticket is generated based upon a technicality–that is, crossing the white line on a red light–or whether a ticket is generated based upon something more meaningful–actually crossing the the white line at a red light and continuing on through the intersection to complete the turn. It seems that common sense dictates that running a red light should be the violation and not simply stopping at the crosswalk on a red light.